Consultation Services

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Clinical Trials/New Product Development/Audits

TIMEO2 Healing Concepts LLC is a consulting service where Dr. Jayesh B. Shah and his team fulfills the educational needs and provides expertise in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Our Wound Doctors can assist you the following services:

  • Conduct clinical trials for major pharmaceutical companies and devices in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Research provides novel treatment to patients with chronic non-healing wounds.
  • Provide consultations with pharmaceutical companies and device companies to develop new ideas and renew existing products and develop market entry strategies
  • Provide expertise in compliance education to staff and doctors
  • Develop compliance program for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities or long term acute care facilites
  • Educate staff about target/probe/educate (TPE) process
  • Review charts and educate facilities and physicians to prepare for TPE audits

For more information, please contact Lluvia Medina, Administrative assistant at (210) 297-2521 or send an email at timeoxygen@gmail.com.

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