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WoundDoctors.com is founded by Dr. Jayesh Shah

WoundDoctors.com is founded by Dr. Jayesh Shah, CWS, who is the President, South Texas Wound Associates, Medical Director, NE Baptist Wound Healing Center, Co-Medical Director, Mission Trail Baptist Wound Healing Center.

What kind of care does South Texas Wound Associates, PA provide

South Texas Wound Associates, PA provides comprehensive outpatient wound management to enhance the primary care physician’s ability to care for specific wounds. There are dedicated professionals who contribute to heal wounds in several ways.

  • The physicians have advanced training and experience in wound management.
  • The nursing staff is specially trained for caring all non- healing wounds.
  • There are efficient technicians to perform non-invasive vascular studies.
  • The administrative staff assist with scheduling appointments, obtaining medical records and dealing with health insurance such as obtaining authorizations or meeting other insurance needs.

Our multidisciplinary approach entitles the patients with the following:

  • highest level of limb salvage in severe cases of wounds
  • faster recovery
  • less frequent hospitalization
  • prevention of prolonged and/or permanent disability
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