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I had the privilege of working with Dr. Shah in opening the Wound Care Center at Northeast Baptist Hospital. I have worked with a lot of physicians during my healthcare career and I will always consider Dr. Shah as one of the best. His care for patients as well as dedication to his profession, community and family is inspiring.

Jeff Epinnette, CEO, CFO,

A man of great moral character. He is an expert in his field but is always searching to continue expanding his knowledge. Dr. Shah is very professional, and a pleasure to work with. He always has the best interest of others in mind, whether it be staff working with him, or patients.

Valeric Short, Director of Operations and Compliance at National Baromedical Services,

Dr. Jayesh Shah is a luminary in the field of wound medicine. He is the co-chair of WoundCon and brings innovation, in-depth knowledge, and enthusiasm to every project we collaborate on. Dr. Shah is a dynamic speaker and educator. His session atypical wounds inspired an ongoing series for the conference and has been an audience favorite. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Jeane Cunnigham, CEO, Kestrel Health Information, Inc.,

To everyone at the HBO and Wound Center-Thank you for showing your love and kindness to me and all the others who come to your clinic. Each one of you showed how true you are to your jobs.


“I cannot speak highly enough about the care he received there. Dr. Jayesh Shah was professional, kind and even funny, and nurses were compassionate and patient while doing their jobs with excellence. Thanks to the Northeast Baptist Wound Healing Center, my father’s gaping wounds have completely closed and he is able to wear regular shoes for the first time in almost a year.”


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