Interactive Tension Pneumothorax

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Tension Pneumothorax is a life threatening condition that occurs very rarely during the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Therefore, as a hyperbaric professional you have to be aware of how to manage this life threatening condition. The Interactive simulation allows you to perform the diagnosis and treatment of Tension Pneumothorax in a Real life like virtual environment quickly so that you can learn or quickly refresh your memory on how to manage this critical condition.

The simulation helps you achieve the following objectives:

  1. Learn while you perform the diagnosis and treatment in interactive simulation based environment.
  2. Access the interactive simulation anytime anywhere.
  3. Guided simulation provides better retention and ability to refresh.
  4. Practice the diagnosis and treatment of Tension Pneumothorax in virtual environment as many times you want to reach the perfection.
  5. Multiple scenarios lead to a more comprehensive learning experience.
  6. Ability to assess your knowledge helps you in clarifying concepts and increases your confidence.



This course is designed for physicians, fellows, mid-level practitioners, nurses and other allied health professionals dedicated to the field of Hyperbaric Medicine.


The course materials are available for 30 day from date of enrollment.

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