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Introductory 40 Hrs Hyperbaric Course

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Area of Specializations:

  • HBOT CME courses
  • HBOT CME education
  • Hyperbaric NON CME courses
  • Hyperbaric CME courses
  • Hyperbaric training
  • Hyperbaric education
  • Online Hyperbaric CME courses
  • Online Hyperbaric education
  • Online Hyperbaric training

Online Hyperbaric Courses

Catalog Courses available now

Hyperbaric 40 hours introductory HBOT course $499.00
Interactive tension pneumothorax CME $20.00
TCOM course $45.00
Hyperbaric Chamber orientation course $29.95
Interactive Hood orientation $1800.00
Hyperbaric Simulation Training suite $499.00

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Area of Specializations:
Dr. Bartlett was very interactive and easy to listen to. Audio for Dr. Niezgoda was at times low.
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