Understanding HBOT for your patients

Course Price : $499/Year.

Key Features

  1. This version has real time ear equalization techniques that your patients can learn & practice with the real instructor before attending their HBOT treatment.
  2. This tutorial covers the fundamentals of HBOT – Mono place and Multi place chamber introduction, pre and post preparation for patients, wound healing time length, 14 UHMS approved indications explained in details and many other topics.
  3. “Ask your Doctor” feature where we have FAQS in an animated way, easy for your patients to choose their questions.
  4. Quiz section for your patients, where they can appear for quiz questions and get real time results, this builds up their confidence.
  5. Get one generic login to share this tutorial with your staff and patients.
  6. Get a short demo animation link (in English) on “What is Hyperbaric Therapy” to post on your website for your visitors and increase your website traffic.


Key Benefits

  • Enjoy unlimited access for your facility and your patients.
  • You can customize this version by adding your logo and video of your chamber*.
  • Add your customized marketing material in this tutorial*.
  • Directly give the login to your patients to prepare them for Hyperbaric Therapy session.

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