Consultation Services

TIMEO2 Healing Concepts, LLC

Wound Care and HBOT Education

TIMEO2 Healing Concepts LLC is a consulting service where Dr. Jayesh B. Shah and his team fulfills the educational needs and provides expertise in the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

I Educational Programs:

  • Provide customized onsite educational program
  • Hosted/sponsored by your organization
  • You determine the location, date and size of your group
  • Basic and Advanced wound care course with hands on experience
  • Our team will provide equipment

II Online Educational Programs

III Books

Purchase these 2 books from Amazon:


For more information, please email at timeoxygen@gmail.com.

Contact us! Dr Jayesh Shah, P O Box 780764, San Antonio, TX 78278; Email: timeoxygen@gmail.com

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