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Welcome to WoundDoctors.com, an internet portal for South Texas Wound Associates, PA. We are a group of physicians dedicated to help patients with wounds that resist to heal. Our treatment program ranges from basic care to advanced and the most recent techniques and products.

South Texas Wound Associates, PA

Mission Statement
The mission of South Texas Wound Associates, PA(STWA) is to provide quality care to all patients who are entrusted to us. Dr. Jayesh Shah with other dedicated physicians strive to ensure that each patient will be educated in the healing and the disease process and will learn how to prevent the recurrence of their condition. We commit to implement the most advanced and effective individualized treatment based on the underlying cause of the wound.


Dr. Jayesh Shah  

Dr. Jayesh Shah is the president and medical director of South Texas Wound Associates, PA and the medical director for the Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, NE Baptist Wound Healing Center, NE Baptist Hospital, and Mission Trail Baptist Wound healing center, MIssion Trail Baptist Hospital, San Antonio. Dr Shah is Board certified in internal medicine and undersea and hyperbaric medicine and certified wound specialist(AAWM).

  • Chapter on "Approach to Commonly Misdiagnosed Wounds and Unusual leg ulcers" by Dr. Jayesh Shah

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