service10 Total Contact Casting

Off loading of a wound is done to distribute the weight and relieve pressure to read more ->

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service9 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase the amount of oxygen that is delivered to a wound read more ->

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service8 Application of Specialty Dressing or Ointments

Today, a variety of wound care dressings and ointments are available in the market. Ointments read more ->

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service6 Negative Pressure-Assisted Wound Closure

Negative Pressure Assisted wound closure, also called Wound VAC or Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, is read more ->

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service511 Bio-Engineered Skin

Bioengineered skin substitutes, also called Cellular and Tissue Based Products, are biological products containing enzymes, read more ->

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service31 Vascular Studies

Some wounds do not heal because of lack of blood supply to the wound. Vascular read more ->

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debrinment Debridement to Remove infected Tissue/Bone

It is a procedure performed by a physician where dead cells and tissues that hinder read more ->

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service31 Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is commonly used for treating venous leg ulcers to control swelling or edema read more ->

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service2 Transcutaneous Oxygen Studies

Transcutaneous oxygen studies are noninvasive physiologic studies to assess tissue oxygen tension and blood perfusion read more ->

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service1 Epidermal Grafting

Epidermal grafting is a procedure performed by a trained physician, where patient’s own (epidermis) skin read more ->

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whitness Expert Witness

Specialize in Wound Care and Limb Salvage Dr. Jayesh Shah, nationally and internationally recognized in read more ->

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wound-help TIMEO2 Healing Concepts, LLC

Mission of TIMEO2 Healing Concepts, LLC TIMEO2 Healing Concepts LLC is a consulting service where read more ->

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conditions Neuropathic Ulcers in Diabetic Patients

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conditions Ulcers on Ischemic Limbs

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conditions Pressure Ulcers

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conditions Venous Stasis Ulcers

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conditions Non-healing Surgical Wounds

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conditions Peristomal Skin Irritations

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conditions Radiation Wounds

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conditions Burns

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conditions Fistulas

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conditions Tumor Erosion Sites

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conditions Any Wounds that Resist to Heal

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Our Story

South Texas Wound Associates, PA was formed by Dr. Jayesh Shah in 2000. Dr. Jayesh Shah is a collaborative and innovation-driven physician, educator, and wound care thought leader who strengthened patient satisfaction, healing rates and days to heal at 3 wound healing center. Led development of the WoundDoctor App and Wound care certification study guide to guide the management of problem wounds. Dr. Jayesh Shah is entrepreneurially spirited healthcare executive known as “a person of high integrity and an innovative and quality physician.” Repeatedly recognized for a passion for excellence and a “bedside manner second to none.” Propelled a specialty wound care physician group from start-up to a team of six physicians.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jayesh Shah,

Medical Director, Northeast Baptist Wound Healing Center Board Certified - Internal Medicine, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Certified Wound Specialist Physician

Dr. Stephanie Prado,

Board Certified- Rehabilitation Medicine, Wound Healing Specialist

Dr. Robert Morales,

Board Certified-Vascular Surgery Wound Healing Specialist

Dr. Rasa Silenas,

Board Certified- Plastic Surgery, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Wound Healing Specialist

Dr. Fernando Karst,

Medical Director, Mission Trail Baptist Wound Healing Center Board Certified- Family Practice Certified in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

Neha Shah, MPT, CLT,

Office Manager, Physical Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Specialist

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Wound Doctors Apps

WoundDoctor is the perfect tool for nurses, physical therapists and doctors providing wound care.

This comprehensive, all-inclusive Wound Care resource app includes an Algorithm for Wound Management Clinical Guidelines in a drill-down table format, Search interface to find Diagnosis, Glossary, movie on Normal Skin Histology, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Wound Dressings, Braden Scale scoring, Advance Wound Technology, Physical Therapy Modality and Pop up Quiz.

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