Patient Education

Patient Education
Patient Education


Online interactive Patient education is simple yet powerful tool for educating your patient on some of the important fundamentals of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Simulation based patient education is designed to increase retention of information provided and thereby increasing patient’s awareness.


Simulation based patient education encourage patient’s participation in the program and saves time of hyperbaric nurse, physician and hyperbaric technicians. Real-Life like environment increases patient awareness and makes them confident about the treatment outcome.


Simulation based Patient education is a great tool for hyperbaric facilities that allows them to educate and promote hyperbaric oxygen therapy to doctors allied medical professionals.

  • Getting answers to most common questions like what is hyperbaric therapy? how does it work? Is it good for me? When and where it is given? How does it improve outcomes?
  • Ability to learn while doing allows patient to interact and visualize how hyperbaric therapy works on human body in real like environment.
  • Interactive and audio/visual education provides better retention and ability to understand different processes in hyperbaric therapy easily.
  • Allows patient to take an in-depth virtual tour of Mono place and Multi place hyperbaric facility and learn how each chamber works.
  • Allows patient to practice different equalization techniques and avoid the most common occurring side effects in hyperbaric therapy
  • Going through general dos and don’ts in an interactive virtual environment increases patient compliance with the therapy
  • Easy-to-use, interactive educational materials can save time, help promote the practice, and build relationships with patients
  • In-depth information on patient consent increases patient awareness and help them to make decisions by increasing their participation.
  • Interactive simulation based patient education is a great tool to promote your hyperbaric facility and medical device.


Course Duration:


The course materials are available for 1 year from date of enrollment.

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